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Getting a Sponsor for Your Next Party

UD - House Party Chances are, you’ll be having a football-related gathering at your place this Sunday.

There will be good beer, prop betting and a miniature facsimile of Cowboys Stadium. Filled with guacamole.

Now all you need is a sponsor.

Introducing House Party, a website devoted to landing you a corporate benefactor for your next party/business meeting/alpine feat, online now.

First, a warning: the website isn’t much to look at, and the offers perhaps aren’t up to your level of celebrity. Still, this is an idea that’s too good to ignore—a direct line between you and any brand looking to throw money at a good party.

The site keeps a list of all the brands looking to sponsor parties, and it’s up to you to pitch them. So you’ll seek out a sufficiently fancy mark (Larry’s Tires) and describe your upcoming bash (a luau/yacht christening with an intimate performance by Air Supply). Then, your benefactors will send along a care package (a case of wine, NASCAR-style racing suit badges) and you’ll put together the gathering. All they ask in return is a few party pictures of photogenic people having fun at your place to prove the whole thing went down as promised.

And that you not embarrass the brand.

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