Lawful Detention

Schoolgirl Uniforms and Champagne on Division

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There is pleasure. There is punishment.

And there is the rare intersection of the two—located right around State and Division.

Welcome to Detention, a new spot for nights when you’re itching to get into a little old-school trouble... and to take your punishment in the form of school-uniform-clad girls bringing you bottles of champagne, open tonight.

We know this stretch of Division Street’s not your usual scene. But there are reasons you want to know about this place: Your college buddies want to hit one more bar before leaving town tomorrow. You’re entertaining foreign clients who want to learn about our educational system (The Breakfast Club plays on a continuous loop). It’s 4am on a Saturday, and you need to be entertained by a waitress dancing her pigtails out on top of a bar. (All valid reasons.)

It’s located right above The Leg Room, and the decor is somewhere between a school gym and a prison yard. Metal bars fence in the DJ, and a mezzanine lets the cool kids look down on everyone else. But for the most part, it reminds you of detention hall: soft black leather sofas, laser beams spinning shapes onto the walls, and DJs grinding out a sweaty mix of dirty disco beats.

Well, you went to a very progressive school.

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