Things to do for January 27, 2011

The Weekender

A Week of Meat, Pepper Sauce and Feasting on Bellies

The weekend always appeals for unity.

Midnight Films at E Street

Midnight Films at E Street

Just because your dates generally go late into the night doesn’t mean dinner and a movie is off-limits. From now until March, E Street screens movies every weekend at midnight. This week, it’s The Room, a contender for “best worst movie of all time.” Following weeks will bring Easy Rider and Rocky Horror.

Fri-Sat through Mar 12, midnight, E Street Cinema, 555 11th St NW, 202-452-7672

An Under-the-Radar Farmers’ Market

An Under-the-Radar Farmers’ Market

Think of this as a farmers’ market with fewer rules. And more drinks. A gaggle of vendors are assembling at Kushi (which will helpfully have its bar open) to hawk stuff like gourmet pickles, BBQ, cupcakes, sweet potato butter, ginger beer and something called Holy Hell Pepper Sauce.

Jan 30, noon-5pm, $2 admission, Grey DC at Kushi, 465 K St NW, 202-682-3123

Half a Fortnight of Smoked Meat

Half a Fortnight of Smoked Meat

Sometimes the weekend just isn’t long enough for all the smoked meat you’d like to consume. Enter Meat Week, here again with seven days of Super Bowl pregame at area BBQ joints like American Ice Co., Capital Q and Mr. P’s Ribs, who holds court at a Safeway parking lot. So you can stock up on napkins, too.

Beer Belly Dinner at Birch & Barley

Beer Belly Dinner at Birch & Barley

Not since you saw Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science have you been as fascinated with bellies as you will be on Monday, when the beer temple serves up five courses of bellies, from crudo of tuna belly to pasta with goat belly ragout. You’ll have beer paired to each course. Then you’ll wear a bra on your head.

Jan 31, 7pm, $76, Birch & Barley, 1337 14th St NW, reserve at 202-567-2576

Beer and a Dog at Bourbon Steak

Beer and a Dog at Bourbon Steak

It’s two months until Nationals opening day. Until then, tide yourself over with this beer-and-dog deal: a half-smoke from Red Apron Butchery (dressed with chili and cheddar cheese or sauerkraut and ketchup onions) and a can of Moo Thunder Stout. Feel free to bring your scorebook anyway.

February at the bar, $7, Bourbon Steak, 2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 202-944-2026

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