Things to do for August 27, 2015

The Weekender

Arepas. Kebabs. Brisket. Gazpacho with Gin.

The weekend will set fire. To the rain.

UD - Waiter, There’s Gin in My Soup

Waiter, There’s Gin in My Soup

Here’s a new one: drinking with a soupspoon. You know, like actually drinking. Because the chef behind Soupergirl is adding booze to her gazpachos—gin in a tomato version, and pepper vodka in a peach version. They’re doing gratis tastes this week at Penn Social. No word on moonshine in the chowder.

UD - Tonight: Pastrami Baked Beans at DGS

Tonight: Pastrami Baked Beans at DGS

This is what happens when a deli does BBQ, as DGS does tonight: schmaltz-braised greens, pastrami baked beans, 12-hour smoked brisket, BBQ sauce spiked with Dr. Brown’s soda and bourbon sweet tea. So: all good things, really.

UD - All Ben’s, All the Time

All Ben’s, All the Time

File under: things that always seem like a good idea. Ben’s Chili Bowl on H Street is now serving until 4am on weekends. And they’re also slinging half-smokes and eggs starting at 6am on weekdays and 7am on weekends. Which means: you need a way to kill a couple hours.

Now serving breakfast Mon-Fri, 6-10:45am; Sat-Sun, 7-10:45am; Ben’s Chili Bowl, 1001 H St NE, 202-733-1895

UD - Kebabs Here, Arepas There

Kebabs Here, Arepas There

Big weekend for quick-serve.
First up, there’s:
SKWR Kabobline.
Which serves:
Choose-your-own-adventure-style kebabs.
Beef meatballs bound with sriracha.
Then there’s:
Arepa Zone in Union Market.
Which serves:
The same stuff from their truck.
Arepas with shredded beef and sweet plantains.
In summation:
Kebabs and arepas.

UD - Up to 50% Off at Gant in Georgetown

Up to 50% Off at Gant in Georgetown

Good thing it’s still warm out, because Gant is knocking up to 50% off polos, summer-weight sweaters, khakis and all kinds of plaid and madras shirts. Useful if you get invited to a massive pop-up dinner party with an all-madras dress code. Or if you just like plaid.

Ongoing, Gant, 3239 M St NW, 202-625-1949

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