Things to do for September 03, 2015

The Weekender

Chicken-Parm Nuggets, Pool Parties. And No Tablecloths.

You must be this tall to ride the weekend.

UD - The Partisan’s Insane Late-Night Menu

The Partisan’s Insane Late-Night Menu

No need to head to a county fair this month. Just head to the Partisan, where they’re deep-frying everything. Like pepperoni-pizza rolls fried in beef fat, corn dogs and chicken-parm nuggets. And stuff like bologna sandwiches and beef jerky with atomic Cheez Whiz. Which isn’t fried. But still.

UD - A Power Spot Is Reborn

A Power Spot Is Reborn

Yes, 701 is still a place you should take a visiting dignitary or Supreme Court justice. Only now, it’s got fewer tablecloths. The classic power spot just got a face-lift, with bare wood tables, mismatched chairs, a private room with its own bar and... an art installation that looks like cracked eggs with gold leaf inside them. So it hasn’t exactly gone casual.

UD - A Rock-and-Roll Food Truck

A Rock-and-Roll Food Truck

That trailer parked next to the new Villain & Saint music venue: it’s not full of amps and drums. It’s slinging the likes of St. Louis ribs and Black Angus burgers all day. And they can also roll it to you and cater your next event. Just find some amps and drums.

Now open daily, 11am-8pm (catering upon request), Villain & Saint Express, 7141 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD, 240-800-4700

UD - Polo, Wine and Antique Cars

Polo, Wine and Antique Cars

Labor Day weekend. A time to be among the masses. So take a trip out to Virginia horse country, bring a picnic basket and a blanket, and then... watch polo, sip wine and consort with antique-car collectors. You know, the common people.

UD - Summer’s Last Hurrah: Rooftop Edition

Summer’s Last Hurrah: Rooftop Edition

At this rooftop party at the Donovan Hotel, you’ll grab a Tokyo dog. You’ll see a large-format cocktail go by in a coconut. You’ll order a coconut. You’ll take in a few bands. You’ll gaze at the water in the pool. You’ll let instinct take over.

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