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Let’s talk about what happened yesterday.

Well, actually, no. It’s time to move on. To heal. To drink tequila. And lots of it.

Introducing Taco Joint, a new Lincoln Park cantina overflowing with cheap tacos, fresh guac and so much tequila they’ll let you stash it in a locker for safekeeping... so you won’t mind cleaning it out at the end of the season.

It’s a cozy den in the space that once held Minnie’s—there’s even that same walk-up window, so in a few weeks you’ll be able to order that quick elote on the go.

But you’ll want to settle inside. The walls now look like distressed Mexican beer and tequila billboards, the kind you’d find in some dusty and hard-bitten taco dive. You know, the kind of place that serves nothing but cold beer, tequila, two-buck goat tacos, three-dollar duck tacos, citrus-cured tilapia ceviche, fresh fruit guacamole and that drink of desperadoes everywhere, the Hibiscus Cooler.

But there are 50 tequilas available, so maybe you’ll just want to stick to those. Grab a seat at the front bar, summon the bartender over and have at it. But if there’s one you grow particularly fond of, you’ll want to arrange to store it away in a special tequila locker for a special occasion.

We have a feeling this is the Cubs’ year.

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