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Cross-Training in West Hollywood

Gyms in LA have gotten a little fancy. Designer wrist-curl machines. Après-bench-press martinis. Attendants spritzing you with 68.3-degree Indonesian rainwater.

But you―you’d rather put an elastic band around your waist and drag a really big man across a parking lot. That’s a workout.

Introducing Brick Sport Performance Training, a back-to-basics new gym co-owned by a 17-time national and international martial arts champ, now open in WeHo.

Step inside, and you won’t see any fancy machines or organic smoothie bars. You’ll see a big open floor, some weights and some brick walls. If you’re looking to start powerlifting the weight of a medium refrigerator over your head, show up for the introductory CrossFit class.

But if you’re just looking to burn off last night’s steakhouse visit, try the Speed-X class―it’s an intense hour-long circuit of sprints, box jumps and lobster crawls. And, yes, at some point you might be taken out to the parking lot, where you’ll step into a rubber band, a man will pull hard on it, and you’ll try to run. If he likes you, he’ll even yell at you a little. (He means well.)

The jujitsu champ is also teaching some cardio kickboxing in the back―you may not get a championship ring out of it, but you’ve been wanting to improve your spin kicks.

You’ve got to visit the accounting department later.


Brick Sport Performance Training
7811 Santa Monica Blvd
(east of Orange Grove)
West Hollywood, CA, 90048

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