Sweet Legal

A Food Truck with Pudding and Cake-on-a-Stick

UD - Sweet Ride Life is good. You’re not complaining.

But... sometimes you start to wonder if it could be better. You wonder if there’s someone out there for you... specifically, someone with a big whoopie pie.

Well, life just got better.

Introducing Sweet Ride, a new food truck in town set to roll this Friday with a cargo hold filled with gooey whoopie pies, light mousses and silky banana pudding.

After you track down the truck, you’ll go outside and look for the big pink retrofitted van selling pudding studded with Nilla Wafers. There shouldn’t be too many.

Because pudding alone doesn’t make a meal, there’s also marshmallow-stuffed chocolate whoopie pies and chocolate mousse spiked with orange liqueur.

And sure, you can also find cupcakes here—they’re sold in three-piece mini cupcake sets, with assortments of flavors including red velvet, milk chocolate and sweet potato with a maple cream cheese frosting. There’s also something called Cake Pops—essentially cupcakes on a stick, if you’re looking for a twist.

Or if you’re just looking for a stick that has a cupcake on it.

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