DiSotto Enoteca

Wine Down

An Underground Antipasti Lair in the Gold Coast

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It’s nothing you did.

But let’s just say it’s probably in your best interest to go underground for a while.

Trust us. You’ll be safe. The wine selection alone...

Welcome to DiSotto Enoteca, your new late-night basement bunker in the Gold Coast, stocked to the rafters with wine bottles and swinging Italian meats—and a penchant for using both to their maximum potential.

You’ll find this dusky little grotto in the basement of Francesca’s on Chestnut. Think of it as the kind of cave where Italian butchers and winemakers seal themselves in for a long winter. It’s small, but well-appointed: replete with vaulted arches, exposed slate and a glass room containing a small butcher shop’s worth of aged prosciutto and a meat slicer that could last until spring.

And on weekends, they’ll serve until you say when—and that might be awhile. There’s a small bar where you’ll get cozy with 130 bottles of wine. Or grab a table and start summoning spicy capicola, Tuscan salamis, cheeses, bruschetta topped with ahi and artichokes, or cheesy Truffle Egg Toast with asparagus.

Consider it an early brunch.

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