Boudoir Body Painting

Body of Evidence

Giving the Gift of Body Paint

UD - Boudoir Body Painting It’s coming.


The chocolates. The roses. The chubby little flying guys with weapons.

And while there’s nothing wrong with a little tradition when it comes to your Valentine’s Day motives...

There’s also nothing wrong with a little bare skin and a fresh coat of paint.

Which brings us to Boudoir Body Painting, a professional body painting session turned photo shoot and your official foray into next-level V-Day gifting status, available now at Casual Elegance Photography.

Now, this little proposition could go a couple different ways. You could always take a leap of faith and surprise your unsuspecting muse with an impromptu session (let’s just say there’d better be a lot of faith involved). Or you could go the more... calculated route. Something like a nice bottle of red. Maybe a little candlelight. Followed, of course, by an expertly timed hint that you think she would look stunning as a cheetah.

And once the terms have been agreed upon, you and your giftee will want to head over to the studio for a quick brainstorming session with Mark and Lisa about whether to go with something as simple as a painted-on bikini or the more obvious full-body recreation of the Sistine Chapel ceiling (when life gives you canvas...).

From there, the delicate two- to four-hour painting process begins, followed by a quick photo shoot and a ceremonial erasing of the evidence in the studio’s in-house shower.

Until the pictures show up, that is.


Boudoir Body Painting
at Casual Elegance Photography
7730 Roswell Rd, Suite 203/205
Sandy Springs, GA, 30350

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