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The Potential Arrival of Flavor-Changing Gum

UD - Flavor-Changing Gum Here at UD, we like to keep our fingers on a lot of pulses. And every so often, we stumble upon a concept so staggeringly brilliant that we must ask your assistance in willing it to glorious fruition. Herewith, one such concept. We’ll be waiting...


It is to be chewed only under a very particular set of circumstances.

Before saying good night, for instance. Or perhaps in the final round of the World Bubble Blowing Championship against Justin Bieber.

Okay, maybe just before saying good night.

But soon enough, you will be introduced to a brave new world of chewing technology. One that involves flavors like gin, white truffle and black caviar... at the same time. Behold the palate-altering powers of Flavor-Changing Gum, now in the lab at Bompas & Parr.

So about these Bompas & Parr characters. Basically, they’re a pair of British mad-scientist types with a penchant for tinkering with all manner of food and drink. And yes, they’ve also been known to put on a mind-altering exhibition or two (think: walking through a room clouded with vaporized gin and tonic).

One such exhibition: the pop-up Artisanal Chewing Gum Factory. It was there that the duo unleashed over 200 flavors (foie gras, green pepper, beer yeast) and allowed people to create their own combinations. Among them, a Wonka-style showstopper that changes flavors as you chew (don’t worry, the snozberries still taste like snozberries).

And that’s great... if you live in London. But since you don’t, you’ll be happy to hear that your lifelong aspirations of enjoying a three-course meal in gum form are finally close to becoming a reality back on this side of the pond.

We’re hoping 80-proof gum is next.


Flavor-Changing Gum
from Bompas & Parr

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