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Pizza by the Yard in Little Italy

UD - Dough Boys After a lifetime of careful study, let’s review what you know about thin-crust pizza.

It’s delicious. It’s round. And... well, that about covers it. But there have been recent developments. One of those two things is about to change.

Introducing Dough Boys, now open in Little Italy and about to change the way you think about pizza. Hint: you’ll need a yardstick.

This is from the team behind the Purple Pig and Davanti Enoteca, who are on a bit of a bender when it comes to opening new places right now. (They opened a place in St. Charles, and soon will open a spot next door to Dough Boys.)

But this is a simple, tiny basement shop. There’s no brick oven hand-forged from Mount Vesuvius or anything crazy. You’ll probably make this your go-to pickup place—though a word of warning: make sure you have a party waiting for you when you get home.

The specialty is the type of thin-crust pies that made the South Side famous, plus stuffed pizza and sandwiches chock-full of all manner of thinly sliced Italian meats.

But when you come to the Pizza al Metro, a giant three-foot-long rectangle of a pizza, you’ll have found what you’re looking for. They have your usual favorite toppings, plus a few clever ones like meatballs.

Yes, the meatball-pizza barrier has been broken.


Dough Boys
626 S Racine Ave
(between Harrison and Lytle)
Chicago, IL, 60607

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