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Grahamwich, by the Numbers

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No one can argue with a good sandwich. But when an impending sandwich counter becomes the source of breathless national anticipation for nearly a year, something else is at work. That something is Graham Elliot: the man, the myth, and now, the sandwich guy. 

There’s no Rice Krispies foie gras here—or even the lobster corndogs he served at Lollapalooza—but things at Grahamwich are, happily, offering their own version of insanity. We stopped in for lunch and here is the only way we can make sense of it all: with numbers.

Number of months since Grahamwich was announced: 11
Amount of time before being handed Warm Rosemary Apple Cider after walking in the door: under 1 minute
Number of workers behind counter: 12
Number who were Graham Elliot: 1
Number of sandwiches on the menu: 8
Number with pork belly, roasted pineapple, daikon and shiitake: 1 (Banh Mi)
Number with candied yams, stewed cranberries and sage mayo: 1 (Turkey Confit)
Number with foie gras and/or Pop Rocks: 0
Maximum number of sandwiches allowed per person: 4
Number you can probably fit in your carry-on: 4
Cost of housemade sodas like Vanilla Kola and Orange Ginger: $3
Number of soft-serve Greek yogurts: 2
Number of Greek yogurts with roasted apple and crumbled pie crust: 1
Cost of snacks like rosemary parmesan G’wich chips and truffled G’wich popcorn: $5
Cost of two sandwiches, one soda, one bag of chips and one dessert: $35.52
Number of tables: 1
Number of seats around said table: 12
Girl-to-guy ratio at table: favorable
Odds you’ll return from lunch on time: unfavorable
Likelihood you’ll care: low


615 N State St
(between Ontario and Ohio)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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