Good Times...

The Most Dubious Moments of 2010

Good-bye, 2010. You gave us LeBron, Snooki and the ghost of Jim Morrison’s past. Now it’s time to reminisce.

The Jersey Shore Invaded South Beach

The Jersey Shore Invaded South Beach

For two inglorious months, our sandy beaches were graced by the super-bronzed trash-talking cast of MTV’s notorious reality show. What followed was a haze of bared abs, fist-pumping, hot-tub confrontations and more than a few bar fights on Ocean Drive. We’re still not sure it’s safe to return.

Miami Got LeBron’ed

Miami Got LeBron’ed

Heat fans rejoiced. Not-yet Heat fans joined the party. Downtown hotels bought extra-long beds. And everyone started calling in favors for tickets. And while the team got off to a rocky start, we’re still honored to have King James in our court.

For Sale: The Scarface Chainsaw Building

For Sale: The <em>Scarface</em> Chainsaw Building

South Beach is not nearly as seedy as it was 30 years ago, but the building where the chainsaw murder occurred in Scarface is still one of the most infamous locations on Ocean Drive. And now, for a cool $9 million you can own it. No, you wouldn’t get the Johnny Rockets on the ground floor.

We Forgave Jim Morrison

We Forgave Jim Morrison

Back in 1969, a jury convicted Jim Morrison of indecent exposure during a concert in Miami. But thanks to Governor Charlie Crist, the Lizard King was officially granted a posthumous pardon from the State of Florida. A small victory for Doors fans. An even bigger win for dead celebrity activists.

A Mad Men for Miami

A <em>Mad Men</em> for Miami

Not since Miami Vice has a TV show held so much promise for a highly stylized depiction of our city. Look out for Magic City, a period drama set in a fictional Miami Beach hotel in the late 1950s, scheduled to debut sometime in 2011 on Starz. And look forward to the Rat Pack–esque wardrobe revival that will inevitably follow.

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