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Handmade Pasta and Sinatra on Belmont

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Frank, Dean, Sammy.

They’ll always be with you in spirit. And you appreciate it... but right now you could really use someone incarnate who’ll point you in the direction of a good veal parm.

Don’t worry, we know a guy: Welcome to La Gondola, now open in Lakeview, slinging the kind of red-sauced Italian classics that will keep you warm on a cold winter night.

A spinoff of the handsome little Italian joint on Ashland, this is pretty much the same deal. Only the joint’s not so little, the menu has upped the seafood quotient, and they’ve thrown a few more steaks into the mix. You love a good raised ante.

But it’s still got Rat Pack bona fides: on the wall, a napkin from the Sands signed by Dean Martin; on constant shuffle, the Frank Sinatra channel on Pandora.

But on a night like this, it’s the simple Italian pleasures you’ll crave. Thaw yourself with a big bowl of cioppino, an Italian shellfish stew (best taken internally). Then the night will veer in the direction of soft-as-pillows house-made ricotta gnocchi. Finally, if you’re looking to take things in a more romantic direction, close out with a giant portion of tiramisu made for two.

You’ve always been one for big finishes.


La Gondola
1258 W Belmont Ave
(at Lakewood)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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