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The Best Celebrity Tweets of 2010

Twitter. For celebrities, it’s more than just a place to tell the world how much they love Bieber. It’s a place to plug projects, deny rumors, start feuds and generally overshare. We’ve combed through the 140-character musings of the stars to find those worth following in 2011.

Tweeter: Kanye West
Tweet: “If baroque and mod had a car crash... what would that ambulance look like?”
Follow? Most definitely. And to answer his question, the ambulance would look like his Twitter feed.

Tweeter: Sylvester Stallone
Tweet: “To emotional,people, I'm just mixing it up.Getting the blood going ! Makes ya passionate, don,t it .Good! Happy with things? OPINIONS?”
Follow? No. This was actually his most sensical tweet of 2010.

Tweeter: Gisele Bündchen
Tweet: “Promoção no ar! Descubra onde está Gisele e concorra a prêmios exclusivos. Participe do jogo e seja o mais rápido! http://migre.me/2UAxq
Follow? Absolutely. It’s the next best thing to sweet Portuguese whisperings in your ear.

Tweeter: Conan O’Brien
Tweet: “I've decided to follow someone at random. She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change.”
Follow? Yes. There’s always a chance he’ll follow you next.

Tweeter: Stephen Colbert
Tweet: “Kenny Loggins never explored the real issue: Why did any town zone for danger in the first place, let alone build a highway to it?”
Follow? Yes, but only if you love America.

Tweeter: LeBron James
Tweet: “Up watching "Poetic Justice"”
Follow? Yes, assuming you’re not a Clevelander—how else would you know that at 8:43am on a Tuesday, King James celebrated the Heat’s 96-84 victory with a 1992 Tupac–Janet Jackson vehicle?

Tweeter: William Shatner
Tweet: “Are the person who invented the Big Mac and the chef who makes an intense pate de flagras equally genius? My best, Bill”
Follow? Maybe. There are a lot of plugs for his Twitter-based sitcom. But you’ve got to love the endearing way Captain Kirk signs every Tweet like it’s a real letter.

Tweeter: Fabolous
Tweet: “Come on Bloods & Crips, if these 2 can be cool so can yall!! http://twitpic.com/3eftpf
Follow? Maybe. We applaud any rapper addressing gang violence via Elmo, but are hesitant to endorse anyone who regularly uses the hashtag #Pu**yNavigation.

Tweeter: Craig Ferguson
Tweet: “Watched Timecop last night. Haven't seen that movie in years. Boy 2004 is going to be awesome.”
Follow? No. His wacky side suits Twitter perfectly, but he’s not as funny as Conan or Colbert, even if he’s still on a major network.

Tweeter: Dalai Lama
Tweet: “Human beings are social creatures, and a concern for each other is the very basis of our life together.”
Follow? Sure. Aside from the flowing robes and the grace, the 12th son of the Lama packs big ideas into tiny messages. Though he could stand to #whipmyhair once in a while.

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