That's a Rap

Giving Hip-Hop for the Holidays

There’s always one person on your list who’s impossible to shop for.

She doesn’t like gadgets, doesn’t watch movies... and god knows Grandma doesn’t need any more Bieber memorabilia.

But she might appreciate a little freestyle.

Introducing Gift Rapped, a holiday rap-for-hire service, cooking up personalized hip-hop tributes now.

It’s your chance to give the gift of rhyme, in the form of an ode to the most rap-worthy person on your list. Just send in a few pictures of the lucky giftee and provide a few inspiring personal details—her love of pugs, her pecan pies, her distaste for snitches—and a few days later, you’ll get a DVD of the most lyrically intricate praise GR’s rappers can summon, set to a slideshow of Grandma's most gangsta moments.

Your main choice is how long you want the rhymes to last—you’ll choose between “mini,” “standard,” and “primo,” depending on whether you want a one-minute or a three-minute-plus tune—but you’ll also have a chance to send back revisions after the first version of the video, in case you want to add more references to her fearsome needlepoint skills.

Or a little Auto-Tune.

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