The Hot Seat

PBRs and Chess in the Mission

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You’ll stand when you must.

But your mastery of the seated arts has taken you far in this world.

So you might find this new cocktail establishment intriguing. All they seem to care about is your seated comfort…

Introducing Asiento (Spanish for seat), a new tapas bar focusing on potent cocktails and a happy hour twist you should know about—opening tomorrow in the Mission.

True to its name, Asiento is long on opportunities for sitting—wooden stools at the bar, wine barrel chairs at the communal tables, leather sofas and high-backed library chairs in the lounge area. It’s the sort of place that you’ll spend a moment basking in your options before decamping for margaritas and Spanish pilsners.

And with no incentive to get up, you can recline for hours over chess and backgammon and dig into a happy hour with no set starting time. The clock starts when the first patron (let’s say you) rolls in and orders a drink (like a Pisco Punch). Then, whether or not it’s a happy hour–sanctioned special, that drink will be the $5 special of the day, along with their usual options.

If, for whatever reason, you get your fill of sitting, the furniture is easily mobile so you can make room for spontaneous dancing.

It's always good to mix things up.


2730 21st St
(at Bryant St)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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