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If the Parker Brothers Opened a Store

UD - Labyrinth Games and Puzzles This just in: your shopping days are dwindling. And while you’ve got the cashmere earrings and diamond pajamas picked out for that special someone, it’s those other names on your list that have you flummoxed.

So we’d like to tell you about Labyrinth Games and Puzzles, a new little store on Capitol Hill, open now to solve all your secret Santa–related dilemmas.

Here’s the plan: treat yourself to a greasy brunch at Eastern Market, then slip inside this narrow, bi-level shop. The first thing you’ll notice: some classy chess sets—some made of onyx, another a replica of the oldest set ever discovered (strangely, it wasn’t found in Dupont Circle).

Then you’ll run into an entire wall stocked with handmade wooden puzzles, including ones that secure beer and wine bottles until the recipient figures them out, and a series from a maker in Florida, to whom President Bush reportedly wrote when he couldn’t crack one of their creations.

A little farther on, you’ll see forged iron puzzles, pounded out by a blacksmith on Long Island (we heard he shoes Diddy’s horses on the side), giant wooden Connect Four sets, and rare board games like Founding Fathers (for the tea partier on your list) and Nuclear War (a good choice for that party hosted by the Air Force general).

Of course, if all else fails, there’s always Twister.


Labyrinth Games and Puzzles
645 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC, 20003

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