Annabelle’s Restaurant

Comfort Zone

Ribs and Waffles in Hyde Park

You come to us for many reasons.

Some are fun. Others, necessary. And once in a while, it’s just for the midgets.

But sometimes you come to us because all you want is a monstrous platter of comfort food. Ribs, let’s say. In Hyde Park, to say a little more.

Welcome to Annabelle’s Restaurant, your new refuge for ribs, pot roasts and shepherd’s pies when lost in the wilds of Hyde Park, now open.

So let’s say you find yourself heading to some secret out-of-the-way house party a modeling agency is throwing in your honor in Hyde Park (stay with us here). Suddenly, and without warning, the mixture of anticipation, frustration and a growling stomach puts the image of heaping plates of Chicken and Waffles into your head (cut in between scenes of tequila shots with leggy beauties).

When that happens, you’ll just recalibrate your GPS and grab a seat at the bar, and by the time the bartender is done pouring your pint of craft beer (Wachusett Blueberry, Session Black, Hop Devil), you’ll be ready to bark out orders for Chicken Pot Pie, Bacon Mac and Cheese and even their Fish and Chips made using locally caught cod (you hate from-far-away cod pieces).

Then again, you could always just go for the aged 16-ounce Cowboy Steak, egregiously slathered in peppercorn blue cheese butter.

If anything screams “cowboy,” it’s peppercorn blue cheese.


Annabelle’s Restaurant
1300 Hyde Park Ave
Hyde Park, MA, 02136

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