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Knowing Everything About Art

UD - Collectrium There are a few things you need in order to really do Art Basel right.

A shatterproof champagne flute. Phone numbers to reach Naomi Campbell (cell and catwalk). And, of course, an encyclopedic knowledge of every piece of art you’ll come in contact with.

The first two, you’ve had for years.

Helping you with that last one: Collectrium, an iPhone app that has intel on works of art at fairs like Scope and Art Miami, now available for your masterpiece-perusing needs.

So say you’re at Art Miami and your Basel-mate falls in love with a particularly beguiling Chuck Close. You’ll open the app, snap a photo of the work and wait. In a few seconds, the app will shoot you back a synopsis of the work, including its age, size and what it’s made of. It’ll also tell you some info about the artist and how the work came to be (e.g., Chuck was inspired by a penguin-watching trip to Antarctica with Kate Moss... the usual).

And because it always helps to get a second opinion before dropping $10K on a digitized portrait of Tupac, you can also use the app to post anything you see on Facebook or Twitter.

We hear this is how Sotheby’s decides what to buy.

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