First and 10

A Tasting Menu for Only 10 People

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It’s really just a case of simple math.

10 spots.

For a 10-course tasting menu.

Divided by only one seating per night.

To the power of cocoa-butter-poached lobster.

Equals the kind of night we can get behind.

Put down your #2 pencil and enter Compose, a new restaurant in existence for one purpose only: to usher you through a different omakase multicourse culinary journey every night of the week, starting this Friday.

Once you’ve secured your golden ticket, given chef Nick Curtin a heads-up on your dietary preferences (you’re into waffles for dinner this month) and pocketed your favorite semi-illegal wet-naps, the only thing standing between you and your rightful spot at the coveted U-shaped marble bar is a pair of 100-year-old etched doors. Thankfully, they open just like brand-new doors.

Now, it’s important that you don’t get too comfortable, because over the next two-and-a-half hours, your services will be called on from time to time. You may find yourself selecting wines from an in-house iPad. Or entering into deep discussion with your bartender, as you two create a personal “dialogue-based” cocktail while he hand-shaves your ice (and hand-makes your tiny umbrella, should the libation take a turn for the tropical).

And as you watch your foie gras, jamón ibérico steak and aforementioned cocoa-butter-poached lobster make the short trip from the open kitchen to your counter place setting, you’ll inevitably be left with one persistent thought.

Poor, poor number 11.


77 Worth St
(between Church and Broadway)
New York, NY, 10013


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