Fo’ Sizzle

Introducing the Bacon Tablet

UD - Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets Over the years, you’ve become a connoisseur of all things bacon.

You’ve had it in ice cream. In chocolate. In cupcakes. And just when you think the whole craze is ready to collapse, someone slips you two little white tablets and whispers... “Go for it.”

Yes, that’s right, bacon is now available in pill form. Introducing Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets, a cunning combination of pork, carbonation and good old-fashioned H2O.

You’ll start by placing an order online. Soon a tin containing 15 small white round discs will be discreetly pushed through your letterbox. You’ll open, take two, three if you feel like living on the edge, find the nearest glass of water and—plop, plop, sizzle, sizzle—you’ll be drinking a glass of delicious fizzy bacon-flavored water. It’s like drinking a sizzling glass of bacon grease... well, minus the grease.

Now, on the off chance that drinking a glass of bacon-flavored water isn’t appealing—the maker suggests expanding your horizons to milk or juice, if that sweetens the pot—you may be interested in the newest flavor from the makers of Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets: the Effervescent Cupcake Drink Tablets.

Because, of course, nobody will ever get sick of cupcakes.


Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets

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