Diva Thai and Sushi Bar

After Midnight

An After-Hours BYOB Sushi Party

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally—despite your best efforts—the night ends before the champagne does.

At that point, you have two choices: 1) Go home. 2) Find an open-until-the-wee-hours BYOB sushi disco lounge.

Okay, we lied: that’s really no choice at all.

Welcome to Diva Thai and Sushi Bar, a dark cavern of late-night eats, now open in Lakeview.

So the next time it’s 3am and you’re craving a heaping platter of spicy yellowtail, and need to polish off that last bottle of cuvée premiere, you’ll be welcomed here with open arms, cold sushi and the steady rhythm of throbbing lounge beats—in case you were getting drowsy.

Now, we know: at this time of night and in this part of town, you have a trusty burrito joint somewhere. Keep your tradition alive with a Rainbow Salsa, a crispy taco shell filled with tuna, salmon and hamachi with mango salsa. Then it’s time to move into exotic territory.

Grab a table way in the back, past the boisterous front sushi bar, where you and your fellow nighthawks can pop the cork in semi-seclusion. You could go for the pad thai, or chicken teriyaki, but it’s been a long night, so just summon a Sashimi Diamond, the chef’s selection of salmon, crab, octopus, squid, eel or whatever is looking fresh that night.

Or, excuse us, morning.


Diva Thai and Sushi Bar
3542 N Halsted St
(at Addison)
Chicago, IL, 60657

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