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The City’s New Secret Bingo Party

UD - The Underground Rebel Bingo Club We’ve got a lead on a private game for you.
Fair warning: it’s more of a Technicolor dance party than the smoke-filled poker rooms you’re used to.
Also, a few more bingo cards...

Welcome to Rebel Bingo, a secret dance party spiced up with a secret venue, a pair of foul-mouthed emcees and, of course, bingo, arriving in Vegas this weekend.
In other words, it’s a glitter cannon and bingo card-equipped take on the unhinged parties this town does so well. But the first rule of Rebel Bingo is that you do not talk about Rebel Bingo, so you’re going to need to employ a little subterfuge on the way there. Once you’ve got your ticket, you’ll want to look for a conference room at the Hilton marked “Health and Safety Room,” and nonchalantly make your way inside.
Don’t be thrown off when the well-dressed man on stage starts talking about, well, health and safety. A few minutes in, a DJ will appear behind him and the dancing, body-markering and nonconsensual glittering will begin. (Anyone actually there for a health and safety meeting should be pleasantly surprised.)
Every hour or so, the party will slow down for a profanity-laced round of bingo. The prize could be anything from a kiddie pool to an inflatable sumo suit. Just be careful if you think your number’s come up: they’ve got a special video-screen humiliation lined up for anyone who calls out a fake winner.
Apparently they don’t take kindly to cheaters in this town.


Rebel Bingo
in the Health and Safety Room at the Las Vegas Hilton
3000 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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