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Lobster Bisque, No Tuxedos Required

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[Option_A_Left_Column]Last night: exhilarating.

Speeches were made. Promises offered. Consultants consulted. But ultimately it broke in your favor.

So today supporters must be thanked. Hands shaken. Backs scratched. Lunches taken. Martinis sipped. Promises kept. Confetti swept up.

And don’t get us started on the election results...

Here to help with all your old-school schmoozing duties: Nick’s Fishmarket Grill and Bar, the legendary former power lunch spot triumphantly returning to capture a solid foothold in the Merchandise Mart.

You were there. Nick’s had an illustrious 33-year run in the heart of the Loop. Things were good. Then it closed about a year ago. Monday, it reopened inside the Mart, and we can officially say that things are good again. But this is a kinder, gentler Nick’s. You’ll still be able to slurp oysters and lobster bisque, but waiters are no longer required to wear tuxedos (you’re under no such restrictions).

The front of the space is low-slung and bright, so you and your transition team will huddle in one of the padded booths over steamed king crab legs, center-cut filets, Lobster Mac ’N’ Cheese or Flaming Spinach & Artichoke, which is flambéed tableside (the most dangerous artichoke you’ll encounter today).

After a hard day of office politics, you’ll be just as happy at the bar sipping a Red Line Manhattan (bourbon with a splash of sour apple liqueur) and munching on shrimp cocktail, a trio of mini steak sandwiches and a quintet of housemade cheese puffs.

Which we believe constitutes a quorum.


Nick’s Fishmarket Grill and Bar
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL, 60654


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