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A Pizza Bakery Opens in Logan Square

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You’ve had it puffed, stuffed, folded and occasionally FedEx’d in from Rome.

But your ongoing quest to fully catalog the strange and wonderful beast known as pizza is about to enter wild and exotic territory: Logan Square.

Introducing Letizia’s Fiore, a friendly pizzeria with a penchant for deep-frying garlic and cooking pizzas at 900 degrees, now open for breakfast and lunch.

Things start pretty tame in the morning. You’ll walk into a bright, Tuscan yellow space, with a pastry counter in the front and a big dining room in back. Take in the aroma of coffee custom-roasted in Italy, try some ciambelle (sugary Italian doughnuts) and be on your way.

But lunch is when things start to get interesting: swing by, and the 900-degree wood-fired oven will be popping out pizza rustica (very long, very rectangular Roman pizza) and piping-hot piadina (a sandwich with a cracker-y bread stuffed with things like prosciutto cotto and smoked mozzarella) in 30 seconds flat.

And when you’re finished testing the land speed of the oven, turn your attention to the deep-fryer. There’s the Garlic Bomb—deep-fried garlic bread served with a breath mint—and an Arancini Bar, an ever-changing lineup of deep-fried risotto balls, stuffed with all manner of ingredients from black squid ink to venison Bolognese and basil, mozzarella and marinara—basically, spherical pizza risotto.

And they said it couldn’t be done.


Letizia’s Fiore
2456 N California Ave
(at Altgeld)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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