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Setting Up a House Game at the Hard Rock

It’s the golden rule of Vegas: the house always wins.
So we thought it was about time you take a turn as the house…
Introducing The Poker Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel, a private new eight-table poker den, taking reservations now.

So the next time you’re entertaining a few dozen gamblers (bachelor party, Kiwanis meeting, that sort of thing), you can buy out the entire room and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played—with a silver platter of Monte Cristo sandwiches, a private bar and a few circulating massage chairs. (Masseuses included.)

Come January, you’ll also have a next-door view of the sportsbook so you can keep an eye on your horses—we believe that’s called multitasking—but the real prize is the hotel’s “events entertainment” menu. You can order up anything from nyotaimori-style sushi (served off that cleanest of surfaces: a woman’s back) to an in-house striptease instructor… in case you want to brush up on your technique.

And since this is a private party and a private game, none of the usual gaming board regulations apply. So if you want to switch to, say, strip Go Fish with a live mariachi band mid-game, no one will be in a position stop you.

Except, if it comes to it, the fire department.


The Poker Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel
4455 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89169


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