Baja Moment

Dune-Buggying Through Baja

You’re standing at a crossroads.

One path leads to a perfectly pleasant November. Easy. Respectable. Safe.

The other path involves a totally crazy dune buggy race through sandy beaches and cactus forests across the Baja peninsula.

Alert your relatives: you’ll be opting for path #2...

Introducing The 2010 Wide Open Baja Challenge, now taking reservations for mid-November. 

Basically, this is the opposite of your morning drive on the 10. Like past participants Paul Newman and Patrick Dempsey, you’ll be rounding up five fearless copilots and getting yourself down to the starting line in Ensenada, Mexico, a port town about 75 miles south of San Diego. And yes, they’ll have your usual rider requests filled, including a phone, support fleet and satellite tracking.

Your chariot: a sort of dune buggy on steroids. The bad news: it doesn’t have a windshield. The good news: it can traverse bowling ball-sized rocks without a problem, and goes up to 96.5 miles per hour.

And by the time it’s over, you’ll have navigated across beaches, cacti and the most fearsome silt beds you can imagine, pausing only for mechanical tune-ups. And, oh yeah, the occasional warm shower at a fancy resort.

Nothing says primal like a loofah.


The 2010 Wide Open Baja Challenge

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