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Whiskey and British Charm in Lakeview

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October: so far, so warm and pleasant.

Then this morning happened.

Hurricane-force winds. Driving rain. Tornadoes. And your emergency supply of Lobster Deviled Eggs just ran out.

So welcome Blokes & Birds, a Lakeview haven where you can hunker down with all the rations you need for a stormy night: lots of fish and chips, a few old punk videos and plenty of scotch, opening a week from today.

Imagine the sort of sophisticated place David Beckham would visit after a grueling Galaxy-Fire match: walnut-stained wood paneling and a cross-shaped communal table where you can chat up any Posh types you encounter.

On nights like this, however, you’ll ensconce yourself in the basement, with its roaring brick-lined fireplace, and tuck into British standards: Bangers. Bubble and squeak. Rumbledethumps. But since you’re not quite one for the standards—no offense, rumbledethumps—there’s saffron lobster risotto and foie gras-topped burgers as backups.

After dinner, finish your evening sipping house cocktails like My Favorite Color (gin, vodka, Lillet Blanc and chartreuse), or just randomly explore the bar menu: you’ll find small-batch gins, esoteric little rums, 50 whiskeys and so many beers you’ll lose count.

Think of it as the world’s best fallout shelter.

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