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Vietnamese Sandwiches Under the “L”

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You have your reliable lunch standbys in the Loop.

Berghoff for a schnitzel. Billy Goat for a burger. Your office for a schnitzel burger.

But maybe your standbys need their own standby. So meet Saigon Sisters, a new option for a quick afternoon lunch of Wagyu beef and duck confit Vietnamese sandwiches, opening this Friday in the Loop.

If the names of these particular sisters ring a bell, it’s because they already have a kiosk in the Chicago French Market. But now they’ve taken things to a more relaxing atmosphere... you know, like under the Lake Street “L.”

So say you’re running short on time before a meeting with your finance guy about a surefire investment (Bears by 7 against the Giants). You’ll swing in for something simple and straightforward—like A Sun Tanned Cow (coconut milk-braised Wagyu beef with kaffir lime and a baguette) or maybe The Porky (braised pork belly, hoisin glaze, mayo). (Okay, straightforward-ish.)

But since this space isn’t your usual sub shop, you might feel like sticking around. There are impossibly high ceilings. Avec-worthy walnut-paneled seating, with panoramic views of the city (only the best part—that part under the train tracks). And once the liquor license comes through, there’s that lineup of sturdy Asian beers and even a few selections of champagne on the menu.

Just in case you feel like celebrating making it through another lunch.


Saigon Sisters
567 W Lake St
(between Clinton and Jefferson)
Chicago, IL, 60661


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