Brunch of Champions

Rooftop Bocce and Bottomless Drinks

UD - EatPlay Just look outside. Summer ain’t over yet.

To properly celebrate this weekend’s heat wave, your requirements are simple―bottomless drinks and rooftop bocce, thanks.

Introducing EatPlay, WeHo’s new alfresco Sunday brunch party at the Palihouse hotel, now taking reservations and happening weekly.

So here’s how your Sunday will go down. First: you’ll sleep in. (You’ll need some time to process Saturday night. And to escort those backup singers to the front door.) Then: a little before noon, you’ll get over to the Palihouse, cut through the lobby and head into a covert, walled-in courtyard that’s actually a restaurant known as The Hall.

That’s where you’ll regale your friends with tales of your previous night over a BLT and crepes with baby squash. Oh, and drinks―$25 gets you an entrée and all the mimosas or Bloody Marys you can put down. But this is just the warm-up.

Now that you’re loosened up, you’ll all make your way up to the hotel’s fifth-floor rooftop, which will be transformed into sort of a playground for adults. Expect a lively conflux of backgammon boards, badminton courts and cutthroat bocce tourneys all afternoon, and if you need to summon a pitcher of margaritas or a bucket of beer to get you through, so be it.

Bocce can be very taxing.

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