Dirty Bird

The Dirty Bird Gets The Worm

Luxury Fried Chicken

F the Colonel. Seriously.

We know his greased-up thighs may have been there for you on more than a few occasions, and sure, ordering anything that comes in a bucket is usually loads of fun, but we're better than that, dammit. Now we have Dirty Bird To Go to prove it.

There's been a ton of chirping about this new high-end fried chicken joint, but no one thus far has been able to get to the bird. So on the eve before today's official opening, we tried it. We can tell you—it's worth the hype.

The organic, free-range chicken comes in three styles—fried, rotisserie, and what should be the gold standard for chicken fingers (instead of tough breaded slivers, these are beautifully tender slabs of deep fried meat). And we're talking about some serious bird—Dirty gets their chicken from the same people who sell to Bouley. And because anything worth frying is worth frying twice, the bird is double-dipped in buttermilk and double-fried to a golden brown.

In our ongoing effort to serve the public, UD was able to persuade the nice folks at Dirty Bird to expand their delivery zone south another 14 blocks to Houston, north to 26th, and east another avenue to 5th (here's a tip: some creative begging will probably get you some bird a little outside that zone as well).

Or—start considering some real estate below 26th Street.


Dirty Bird
204 W. 14th St
(between 7th and 8th)
West Village
New York, NY, 10011

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