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Working Out, Now with Drinks and a Movie

After power-walking to the corner bar and regularly clenching your abs while watching <em>The Town</em>, you got to thinking—all workouts should really involve scotch and a movie. So you’ll want to check out <em>Move to a Movie</em>, a series of rather insane exercise parties incorporating booze and cinema, now taking reservations at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.laac.com">Los Angeles Athletic Club</a>. Below is the complete schedule, and if you want to make this your new fitness regimen, you’ll want to dial the number 213-630-5255.

Squash Lessons and Wall Street

Squash Lessons and <i>Wall Street</i>

After your intense squash session with the in-house instructor, you’ll be treated to a shoe shine, hors d’oeuvres and scotch flights while the movie screens in the ballroom. Just like a day in the life of Gordon Gekko, only with better calves.

$25, Oct 21, 2-6pm, movie at 6:30pm

Dodgeball and Dodgeball

Dodgeball and <i>Dodgeball</i>

After a round-robin tourney of four co-ed squads, the winning team’s members will be awarded a free night’s stay in a room upstairs—and a month’s use of the fitness facilities. Then it’s cocktails and Ben Stiller’s villainous Fu Manchu for everybody.

$200 per eight-person team, Oct 30, tourney 11am-4pm, film/dinner at 5:30pm

Pole Dancing and Striptease

Pole Dancing and <i>Striptease</i>

While you watch, an instructor will help your date learn Demi Moore’s Striptease routines as the movie plays in the background. Then you both get a hotel room upstairs for an hour (to properly dissect the film’s symbolism in peace), before dinner at the in-house restaurant.

$110 per couple, Nov 4, class at 5pm, room at 6pm, dinner at 7pm

Poolside Cocktails and Jaws

Poolside Cocktails and <i>Jaws</i>

Think of this as your cooldown—a leisurely poolside screening of Jaws, with inflatable sharks lurking in the water and specialty drinks like Chum to power you through. (It’s red sangria with plenty of fruit.) If that’s too much, you could finish off with a Bloody Mary instead. Which is all you’ve ever asked of your regular gym.

$15 (includes a drink), Nov 12, 8pm

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