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A Top Chef Delivers Desserts to You

UD - ByMdesserts You could have just left.

Walked out, booked a flight, taken off and right at this very moment have been sipping rum out of a coconut shell while your shoulders were rubbed by a friendly native.

But you stuck it out. You opened those spreadsheets. You marshaled your troops. You landed those deals. You heroically made the coffee even though you did it once already today.

What we’re saying is this: you deserve a cookie. A really good cookie. Introducing byMdesserts, a cookie-by-mail service that may radically transform your notions of cookies by mail.

The M in this equation is award-winning pastry chef Malika Ameen, who once made your date quiver with delight with her rum-loaded Sticky Toffee Pudding at the sorely missed Aigre Doux, and recently returned as a contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts.

You’ll go to her site and order a batch of cookies made with smart ingredients: Walnut Cardamom, fudgy Chocolate Truffle or Oatmeal Chunk teeming with hunks of chocolate, butterscotch and sour cherries. They’ll be baked to order and can be overnighted to wherever you happen to be on a Friday afternoon.

Soon, Malika will expand the offering to include her famed Sticky Toffee Pudding, which will be rushed to Chicago residents.

Let the quivering begin again.

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