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UD - FinderBase You’ve lost some pretty important things over the years.

Those little green army men behind the couch. Your shirt. Your innocence.

Good news: we can help you find them. Well, sort of.

Introducing FinderBase, an online service dedicated to connecting your city’s finders and seekers, available now.

Think of it as a lost and found powered by Google Maps and a global community of amateur Indiana Joneses. Say, for the life of you, you just can’t remember where you left your cell phone, your hat and/or your classified documents on the JFK assassination. (Turns out, it was the Canadians.)

So, you’ll log in to the website and post a report with the description, an image, the last known location and even an optional monetary reward (delivered via unmarked bills in a bulletproof briefcase, of course). Then, people in your area can contact you via email (or perhaps a ransom note) with information on your missing item.

Of course, this is also an opportunity to channel your inner bounty hunter, and earn some extra scratch.

You refuse to get out of bed for anything less than the Ark of the Covenant.

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