Tons of A’Peel

Bowery Gets the Second Freemans

UD - Peels You understand Freemans.

Drinking sidecars under the watchful gaze of stuffed buck heads and equally woolly art-world denizens. Emerging hours later, from an alley of graffiti and smoke, back into a world without stuffed buck heads.

And it’s been a long while since we’ve seen anything new from the well-dressed culinary barbers behind Freemans. Until this morning...

Introducing Peels, a brand-new country diner from Taavo Somer, Will Tigertt and the Freemans crew, open right at this very moment.

Instead of dark wood in a back alley, Peels is holding court front and center on Bowery, with big picture windows, bright white walls and a long country kitchen-style countertop running the length of the space.

There’s a mellow vibe to the whole operation: lazy hours will roll by as you marinate on a stool along the windows, at the counter or at the long communal table in the middle of the room.

For opening day today, they’re serving up scones, biscuits, Swiss/swine sandwiches and coffee. But at some point in the coming weeks, the staircase you see in the corner will lead you to a restaurant serving country-style dinners of cured meats, burgers and fried chicken until 2am—a bit more like the Freemans you know and love.

You can take the Freemans out of the alley...


325 Bowery
(at 2nd St)
New York, NY, 10003

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