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Lions, Caviar and Monica Bellucci

7 Photos Monica Bellucci
UD - Monica Bellucci   7 Photos Monica Bellucci
It starts as a feeling. Then it morphs into a craving. And then suddenly, all you can think about is what to have later.

We’re thinking Italian.

Introducing Monica Bellucci, a 244-page masterwork of photographic tributes to the Italian model, actress and not-at-all-unattractive person.

It might just be the world’s least necessary book—you will learn nothing from it that you didn’t already know—and yet, it feels so... necessary. You’ll find it’s literally nothing but photos, taken by the world’s luckiest photographers (an unusual number of whom seem to be named Giuseppe). In them, your subject is typically wearing nothing more than some lingerie, a few (in)conveniently placed diamonds or, in one memorable shot, caviar. (As for the shot where she’s riding a tiger... enough said.)

And on the off chance she’s not your type, we have just one recommendation: check your pulse. Now, a bit of bad news. You can order the book now, but it won’t be delivered until this fall. So for now, you’ll just have to make do with our slideshow.

The best kind of making do we know.

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