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Your New Online Casting Couch

UD - Talent Maven In this life, there are some ideas that deserve to fail.

Prohibition. Announcing career moves with a live one-hour ESPN special. Fighting a land war in Asia.

And there are some that desperately deserve to succeed. Among them: a LinkedIn social network type site solely for models, actors and actor-models. And those who love them...

Introducing Talent Maven, a new site devoted to helping you surround yourself with the kind of talent you deserve, available now.

Let’s be clear: this isn’t the place to book a yachting tour with Kate Moss, or schedule a quick bongo jam with Matthew McConaughey. It is, however, a sort of online casting couch: a website filled with the kind of up-and-coming talent that needs support from eager supporters of the arts (particularly the modeling arts). You know, like you.

So you’ll sign up, pick your area of expertise (director/stunt double not yet an option) and be presented with a Facebook-like array of potential talent. And then, it’s time to start casting: whether you need a fresh-faced brunette starlet-in-training for your next action flick (Lieutenant Maverick Danger, MD), or just an unsigned up-and-coming model from Ottawa (you have your reasons), you can find her here. Of course, if you’ve been looking to scratch that acting/hand-modeling/body-painting itch, you can list yourself as talent and scroll through a bevy of auditions to find your next gig.

Just remember that what happens on the casting couch, stays on the casting couch.

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