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A Pizza Date Spot in Lincoln Park

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You shouldn’t blame yourself, but we feel it’s our duty to point something out: lately, your dates have been missing a little something.

That something is pizza.

So welcome to Sono Wood Fired, opening this week in Lincoln Park to help rectify that situation.

Sono is the next-door Italian cousin of this place, but you’d hardly know it. Here, it’s all Tuscan yellow walls, sparkling pendant lights and—the real star here—a furnace busily blazing away in the corner. In its fiery recesses, what was once simple, raw dough will become—in a matter of seconds—one of sixteen artisanal pies heaving with seasonal ingredients like fennel, caramelized onions, goat cheese and mascarpone.

Yes, Sono is casual enough for you to sneak in after work, grab a seat along the granite-topped bar in front of the oven and get friendly with a clam-topped Pizze Bianco. But with a 70-bottle wine list coming soon, you may find yourself in a sharing mood.

You and your date will settle into one of the nooks along the wall, snack on crunchy fire-roasted tomato-and-anchovy bruschetta, and steadily work your way through Italian cheeses and one of the handful of pastas like Penne Arrabiatta, a heaping bowl of pasta that the menu describes as “very, very, very spicy.”

We like the sound of that third very.

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