Gabrielle Anwar

On Bikinis, Pickup Lines and Shotguns

UD - Gabrielle Anwar You may see an image of Gabrielle Anwar and think, “Ah, right, the girl from Scent of a Woman.” (Or, depending on your fondness for Michael J. Fox movies, “Ah, right, the girl from For Love or Money.”) But of course, now you know her as the kick-ass, bikini-wearing bounty hunter on USA’s Burn Notice, filmed right here in Miami. We sat down with the stunning Brit to talk about those bikinis. Among other things...

UD: What’s the best part about filming Burn Notice in Miami?

GA: Every minute of our day is unpredictable. I’m not a very keenly monotonous person, so any excuse I have to mix it up a little and I’m a happy camper. You’d think I’d probably respond, “Oh, the explosions or running around in a bikini with a shotgun.” But that’s getting kind of old hat now.

UD: You are in great shape with those bikinis. What’s your secret?
GA: I practice yoga. I try to squeeze in as much as I can throughout the week. I used to be much more regimented about making sure that I did a full vinyasa flow class. Now, I’ve become more lenient with myself. And I’m slowly but surely weaning my way out of the bikini.

UD: Just tell us you’re not going to abandon your bikini completely.
GA: That I can’t promise. It depends on how many seasons we’re renewed for. I may find myself in one of those walkers with my bikini on.

UD: What has been the cheesiest pickup line you’ve heard in Miami?
GA: “My friend and I were trying to decide how old you were.” I said, in perfect English, “I’m sorry. I don’t speak English.”

UD: What do you think of Miami men?
GA: I’ve actually just met one that I’m rather keen on. Before meeting the man I’m rather keen on, though, I was a little concerned that it was a romantic wasteland here. Many men are drawn here to make better versions of themselves, and are a little off-kilter when it comes to defining what that might mean. It’s not about the most spherical breasts and the flashiest sports car, in my humble opinion.

UD: What’s your favorite restaurant in Miami?
GA: The Forge. I usually end up ordering the lobster, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which sounds ridiculous and tastes equally as ridiculously delicious.

UD: Have you gotten caught up in LeBron James fever?
GA: I might by default simply because it’s everything everyone is talking about here. I may even find myself at a game, which would be the first time I’ve ever participated in anything athletic in my life.

UD: When you aren’t working, what is a perfect Miami day for you?
GA: It would be horizontal, in the garden, with one toe in the swimming pool. And a damn good book.

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