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A New Secret Pasta Cove

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You’re no stranger to the art of the well-kept secret.

Covert identities. Fight clubs. Strategically placed pasta joints.

Regarding that last one: we’d like to bring to your attention Mia Figlia, a new out-of-the-way pasta cove serving all the classic Italian food, wine and discretion you need. (We’ll get to the fight club another time...)

Mia’s located in a perfectly innocent-looking low-slung white brick building in the Edgebrook neighborhood, which offers the perfect mild-mannered cover for the evening. But once you step inside, things start to take a more heroic shape.

The proprietors have honed their skills in the kitchens of the far-flung outposts of Mia Francesca’s empire—so while this Mia is no relation, you’ll have a good template of how the evening will progress.

You and your date will start your after-hours tête-à-tête where all perfectly innocent meetings start: with a little Prosecco at the bar. Then you’ll be ushered to a quiet table near the back. The lights are dim, the banquettes are soft, and now you’re ready: veal osso bucco, lasagna with homemade noodles, a chicken parm, and then, for dessert, a little tiramisu.

So now about that fight club...

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