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UD - Ancient Scout School At this point in the summer, the meek go on vacation, and the strong acquire new skills.

So in case you applied too late to get into MIT’s summer astrophysics seminar, we have the next best thing.

Yes, we’re talking about ninja training in Vermont...

Presenting the Ancient Scout School, a one-week course in Vermont that will help you survive if you ever get left for dead in the woods (or Brookline), now taking reservations.

Organized by the venerably badass Vermont ROOTS (Reclaiming Our Origins through Traditional Skills), this is sort of like that camp Liam Neeson put Christian Bale through at the beginning of Batman Begins (only without all the behind-the-scenes cinematographer haranguing).

After passing the initial phone interview (feel free to cite John Rambo as an influence), you’ll find your way up to a 200-acre forest outside Montpelier, Vermont. There, over the course of a week, you’ll learn the skills that all the great tribesmen (aka “scouts”) have used throughout time: from mastering the art of invisibility (silent high-speed movement in the foliage) to building smokeless fires to fighting like a ninja, using everything from a T-shirt to handmade objects to protect yourself from would-be attackers.

And to lighten things up, you’ll incorporate these newfound skills into a primitive version of Capture the Flag.

Although if you lose in Capture the Flag, you are deprived of food.

Just kidding, there’s plenty of food.


Ancient Scout School
at Vermont ROOTS
PO Box 932
Montpelier, VT, 05601

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