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Your Face, Drawn by the Internet

UD - One Minute Portraits Today, we want to talk about your face.

Someday, it will take its rightful place alongside Mona Lisa’s, George Washington’s and Farrah Fawcett’s as the centerpiece for a great work of art.

But first, you’ll need a portrait. Ideally, one that takes no more than a minute...

Introducing One Minute Portraits, a site that will produce a quick hand-drawn sketch of you in 60 seconds flat.

Basically, this is the online equivalent of one of those instant photo booths, combined with a sidewalk sketch artist, combined with... the awe-inspiring power of the Internet. Basically, you’ll send in a photo, and the artist—a British-born, Australia-based wunderkind—will take a minute, and sketch a portrait by hand.

At that point, he’ll post the sketch to his site. If you like it, you can arrange to buy the original. (If you don’t, keep it to yourself.) If the portrait’s of the object of your affection (Ms. Lohan needs all the cheering up she can get), you can present it as a gift and take the credit for yourself; if it’s of someone even more stunning, you can simply donate it to the museum of your choosing.

No, he won’t do nudes.

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