The Bar 10 Doors

Powers of 10

International Cocktailing in Little Italy

The heat.

Everyone’s complaining about the heat.

Except you. You are literally the only person on earth doing something about it.

And it involves tequila. Possibly rum. If necessary, beer may also come into the equation...

For whatever tools you need to get the job done, we introduce The Bar 10 Doors, a veritable cooling center of global cocktailing soft-open Monday in Little Italy.

You may recall we told you about One. Six One a century or two ago (i.e., June). Gigantic patio. No ethnic cuisine left untouched. That was just half of the equation.

Now, after you’ve acquainted yourself with the pleasures of a dinner combining maki, tandoori and tacos, it’s time to spend some time getting to know its boozier conjoined sibling.

The Bar 10 Doors will remind you of a hip after-work pub in downtown Dublin, a place to prop yourself at the long, curved bar for a Sox game and a good stout (they have 50 beers total, including 16 small-batch brews on tap), and half expect Van Morrison to walk through the door. (Or at least Colin Farrell.)

But next week, you’ll be pairing cocktails with their geographically correct cuisine. Match The Awakening (absinthe and espresso vodka) with the short ribs in Pernod sauce, a tequila flight with mahi mahi tacos, a Dark and Stormy with...

...another Dark and Stormy.


The Bar 10 Doors
1259 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL, 60607

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