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Chicago’s Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard is done playing games. No more hype. No more anticipation. It’s happening now. This is for real.

Welcome to Girl & The Goat, a new dark, sexy, smoldering den filled with all the braised meats, robust beers, wood-fired oysters and Crispy Pig Faces you can handle.

In the spirit of this new post-hoopla world, we decided to keep things objective—strictly the numbers. Yes, you could say we were keeping score.

Don’t worry: she’s used to it.

Number of reservations taken on the first day: 3,000
Number of reservations for Padma Lakshmi: 0 (so far)
Number of reservations available this week, per OpenTable: 1 (at press time)
Number of wood-fired ovens in the kitchen: 2
Seconds after your arrival before the scent of those ovens hits you: 0.01
Number of romantic deuces in the open kitchen, inches from Izard: 2
Likelihood that the heat there will cause your date to remove at least one item of clothing: 7% (a worthy gamble)
Number of small plates on the opening dinner menu: 29
Number of plates served on opening night: 850+
Number of dishes featuring goat meat: 2
Number of times Crispy Pig Face appears on the menu: 1
Percentage of dates you’ll ruin if you order it: 50
Percentage of dates you’ll never forget if you order it: 50
Number of beers on the menu: 23
Number of desserts made with New Holland Dragon’s Milk Stout: 1
Minimum number of desserts you should save room for: 1


Girl & The Goat
809 W Randolph St
(between Halsted and Green)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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