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Po'boys and Frog Legs on Western

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Life at sea has a way of doing things to your mind. Let's just say, certain hungers develop.

But only one can be satisfied by some batter and a deep fryer. (We assume.)

So on the occasion of your return from a weekend drifting about in your favorite lake, swimming pool or watering hole, we introduce Joey's Shrimp House, a sturdy but well-pedigreed shrimp shack on the cusp of Humboldt Park.

You might know the owners from their experience in the kitchen of Japonais, which attests to their abilities with fine seafood. Here, you'll find more knotty fishnets cast randomly over the walls, plus a 100% increase in the number of stools that look like buoys.

Now, if you're looking for cuisine that hasn't seen the business end of a deep fryer, you'll soon find a list of chalkboard specials like Ecuadorian ceviche or a Puerto Rican dish of pork and plantains known as mofongo.

But when it's nearing midnight—and you've been celebrating like you're on shore leave—you'll find deep-fried life preservers in the guise of jumbo shrimp with mango-habanero cocktail sauce, a bucket of catfish nuggets with a fiery vinegar-cayenne-mustard or some garden-variety deep-fried frog legs.

Guaranteed to put some bounce back in your step.


Joey's Shrimp House
1432 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622


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