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Floating Down the Nile, Pharaoh-Style

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From what you remember of history, the pharaohs had it pretty good.

Sitting around sketching hieroglyphs while easing down the river in a floating villa, sipping prehistoric mimosas...

Luckily, history never stays in the past.

Welcome to the Zein Nile Chateau, a new lounge on the Nile that's fit for an Egyptian king, sailing now.

This is basically a regal hideaway on the water, floating you and 11 friends downstream from Aswan to Luxor with no growling engine to interrupt your deep thoughts—just a sail billowing somewhere above your open-air daybed. (Meaning: don't book the alternating trek back upstream, which does require some growling.)

Inside you'll find four cabins and two suites overstuffed with post-pharaoh perks—you'll be in the marble-filled master suite, complete with Jacuzzi, whose inaugural guest was King Fuad II, also known as the last king of Egypt. There's also a fully wired library on the lower decks... because, really, you came here to work.

Of course, every pharaoh of the people has to occasionally survey the world beyond the riverbanks. So you'll also stop into a half-dozen temples along the way, with an in-house Egyptologist/willing manservant by your side—he'll get you behind the Museum of Cairo's velvet ropes, and into the Temple of Nekhbet, which is otherwise closed to the public.

He'll also come in handy when it's time to build your pyramid.


Zein Nile Chateau
via Abercrombie & Kent
18 Youssef El Guindy St
El Bustan Center
Cairo, Egypt
official website


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