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You know what you like.

And as it just so happens, you're in a town that specializes in getting you what you like. For instance—and it's just a thought—let's say you'd like one of Sin City's leading dance specialists to entertain you while clad in nothing but a 10-gallon hat and a lasso.

To be clear: we mean her, not you.

Then head to the Discreet Gentlemen's Club, a reassuringly named temple devoted to fulfilling your fantasies, opening next Friday.

You'll come here when you're in the mood for anything from the latest in contemporary dance to a three-hour interrogation session with an unusually friendly female detective. You'll find the main stage downstairs, surrounded by a throwback lounge that looks more like Don Draper's living room than anything at the Crazy Horse. But something tells us you didn't come here to look at furniture, which means you'll want to head upstairs for something a little more personal.

That's where you'll find a set of six cloth-curtained VIP suites, and inside—if you had the presence of mind to call ahead—an esteemed practitioner of modern dance costumed in whatever soul-stirring getup you can dream up. (Yes, they have stethoscopes...) And if you had the presence of mind to call way ahead, you can have the suite done up as anything from a doctor's office to a jail cell.

Or a doctor's office in a jail cell.


Discreet Gentlemen's Club
4636 Wynn Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89103


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