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Facebook, Now with Privacy

UD - PrivacyDefender Ah, Facebook.

Evidently, something less than an ironclad wall of privacy. And on the Internet, no less. We know, we're as shocked as you are.

And while you've got nothing to hide, let's just say you don't want your employees/significant other/team of robot warrior drones to find out that you weren't actually sick yesterday. (You were in Monte Carlo.)

Which brings us to PrivacyDefender, a new app devoted to reclaiming your privacy on Facebook, available now.

This is like having a bouncer for that most exclusive club of all: your online circle of friends (and "Friends"). You'll log on to the app (which, perhaps ironically, means giving PrivacyDefender some access to your account). Then, you'll see a dazzling array of colors, laid out in a circle symbolizing how vulnerable your account is. (Long story short: red = bad.)

From there, if you're an exhibitionist, you probably don't need to touch anything. If you believe in total privacy, well, you shouldn't be on Facebook. But if you want something in between, you'll set everything to green, and click "Fix My Privacy." Which means you and only you will decide if your mother gets to see that picture of you taking the house on black 26 in Monte Carlo yesterday.

She'll be so proud.

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